Rimdian provides 2 types of APIs:

  1. Data collector API - This is the only entry point for importing data into Rimdian.
  2. Rimdian API - This API is used to manage your workspace and settings.

About the Data Collector

The sole job of the data collector is to receive data from external sources and push it into a queue for asynchronous processing.

There are 2 queues of data, per workspace:

  1. Live - This queue is used to receive live data from the Javascript SDK or mobile apps.
  2. Historical - This queue is used to import historical data from external sources.
To make sure the platform reacts in real-time to users activity, it’s very important to never import historical data into the Live queue.

For testing purpose or very specific use cases, it is also possible to import data synchronously using the POST /sync endpoint. In this case, the queue will be skipped and the data will be immediately processed by a Rimdian Server.