A Rimdian deployment is composed of the following components:

  • Rimdian Collector: The collector that collects data from the JavaScript SDK & external source and sends it to the Task Queue. Distributed as a stateless Docker image.
  • Rimdian Server: The server that hosts the main Rimdian engine, Console & API. Distributed as a stateless Docker image.
  • Google Cloud Task Queue: The queue that buffers the data from the collector and sends it to the Rimdian Server. Service provided by Google Cloud.
  • SingleStoreDB: The database that stores the data from the Rimdian Server. Can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud with a free tier.
  • Cube.js: The analytics engine that powers the Rimdian Server. Distributed as Docker image or in the cloud.

At first sight it may seem like a lot of components, but only the Collector & the Server have to be deployed by you. The rest of the components can be provided as managed services if you don’t want to deploy them yourself.