Rimdian dashboard

What is Rimdian?

Rimdian is a digital marketing platform to collect, unify, analyze & activate your customer data in real-time.

It is composed of a core platform that orchestrates all the data processing lifecycle, and apps that can hook into it, in order to import, enrich & activate data.

We can describe it as a “Composable Customer Data Platform”.

For marketers

With the growing complexity of customer journeys, tracking issues & ever changing regulations, it becomes really difficult to get reliable insights from your data.

Rimdian will automate all of this for you:

For data scientists

With Rimdian, you won’t loose anymore time building data pipelines, ETL & reverse ETL jobs… thanks to the SingleStoreDB engine, the data is ready to be queried by your BI tools with SQL in live.

Want to take it to the next level? create your own app to customize the platform to your needs.


To get started with Rimdian, you can either: