Workspace domains

Workspace domains


Domains are digital or physical places where your users can interact with your brand. They can be websites, mobile apps, or even physical stores.

Users interactions (pageviews, sessions, orders…) are tracked per domain. This allows you to analyze the performance of each domain, compare them & understand the customers journey (web-to-store conversions…).

Domains types are:

  • web - Websites, blogs, landing pages…
  • app - iOS, Android, React Native…
  • marketplace - Amazon, eBay, Etsy…
  • retail - Physical stores, pop-up stores…
  • telephone - Call centers, phone orders…

Web Domains

Web domains should be configured correctly to ensure the data collected by the JavaScript SDK is not rejected.

It’s also important to declare all your sub-domains ( etc…) & URL parameters you want to preserve (i.e: ?category=xxx).

Main currency

The main currency is used to convert all the monetary values into a common currency. It concerns orders, carts & pageview products.

The daily fx rate is pulled from the European Central Bank (ECB).


All user profiles imported into Rimdian should have the timezone, language & country properties set. However, if you don’t have this information yet about your users, the default settings configured in your workspace will be used:

  • Default user timezone
  • Default user language
  • Default user country

Reconciliation keys

Reconciliation keys are used to merge user profiles who share the same properties (i.e: email, email_md5 etc…).

Any user property can be used a reconciliation key. However, it’s important to choose a property that is unique to each user.

Frontend authentication

To avoid malicious data injection into your workspace, that would lead to incorrect analysis, it’s important to “sign” the users activity sent by the JavaScript SDK.

To do so, you can either set the “Secure web hits” to:

  • Authenticated users only
  • All users

In such case, your frontend integration will need to provide the HMAC signature of the user external_id. Read more about it in the JavaScript SDK documentation.

Data imported by API doesn’t need to be signed, as the payload origin is already authenticated by your API key.
Workspace settings

Workspace settings