Once your app is deployed to the internet you can install it in a Rimdian workspace.

Create a new Service Account

On your organisation dashboard, click the New Service Account button.

Organisation dashboard

Organisation dashboard

Give it a name, a new login & password that you should keep securely, you won’t be able to view or update this password again.

Create a service account

Create a service account

Create a private app

Select your workspace, and click the ➕ button in the topbar to go to the App Store and create a new Private App.


Create a private app

Provide the App secret key used by your app to sign webhooks & the iframe token. In the NextJS App Template, this is the APP_SECRET_KEY env variable.

And upload the manifest.json file of your app.

Review the app capabilities

Before installing the app, you can review all the capabilities & permissions the app is asking.

Especially the domain name of the webhook endpoint that will receive data.


Review of app capabilities

Activate the app

Once installed, your private app will need to collect API credentials to interact with the Rimdian API & whatever settings required by your app.

I.e: if you build an app that interacts with the Google Adwords API, you will have to show the Google Connect button here, to collect Adwords credentials before activating your app.


App activation

Upon activation, your app tasks & data hooks will also be activated.