Integrating Rimdian with WooCommerce allows you to collect users navigation, import previous orders & customers and sync your data in real-time with webhooks.

The integration is composed of 2 steps:

  1. Adding the JavaScript SDK on your template
  2. Creating a WooCommerce API key and connecting it with Rimdian

Adding the JavaScript SDK

Make sure to read the JavaScript SDK documentation before moving forward.

This integration requires the intervention of a frontend web developer.

Creating a WooCommerce API key for Rimdian

In order to be able to import the previous orders & customers, and receive updates in real-time via webhooks, we need to connect Rimdian to your WooCommerce store API.

  1. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > REST API
  2. Click on the button Add key
  3. Select the Read permission
  4. Then click on the button Generate API key
  5. Grab the Consumer key and Consumer secret, and paste them into your Rimdian WooCommerce app.
  6. Then connect your WooCommerce app in Rimdian
WooCommerce settings Create a WooCommerce API key Get the app keys