As soon as you have a Rimdian workspace created, you can start integrating Rimdian into your digital marketing ecosystem.

For most eCommerce brands, the integration consists of 4 main parts:

  1. Configuring the workspace to fit your business needs
  2. Installing the JavaScript SDK on your website to collect the web activity
  3. Integrating the Rimdian API to sync existing customer data
  4. Configuring apps to interconnect your digital marketing ecosystem (Google Ads, Facebook Ads…)

For Shopify

The Shopify integration is prettry straightforward.

We provide JavaScript snippets to extract products/orders/carts data from your Shopify template, and our official Shopify app will sync your customer data to Rimdian.

Webhooks will also be automatically activated to keep your Rimdian data up-to-date when orders or customers are updated.

For custom websites

It is recommended to create a private Rimdian app to sync your existing customer data to Rimdian. This way, you can extend the database schemas with custom columns & data types to fit your business needs.

Creating a private app allows you to leverage the scheduled tasks & automatic retry mechanism in case of failure.