Platform components

Rimdian platform

The platform is composed of:

  • A data Collector - that receives all incoming data (sessions, pageviews, orders etc…) from various sources (website, apps…) and pushes it into the Queue.
  • A Queue - that pushes data into the API Server for further processing. It acts as a buffer in case the API Server or the Database becomes unavailable to avoid loosing data.
  • An API Server - that receives data from the Queue and requests from the Console & apps. It interacts with the Database.
  • A SingleStoreDB Database - that stores the data.
  • A Cube Server - that provides a semantic layer to compute analytics requests.
  • A Console - for humans, accessible from your browser.
  • Apps - that can be installed on the platform to extend its capabilities.

Admins, organizations & workspaces

Admins are users who work for your organization & have access to the Rimdian Console.

Users are vistors & customers who visit your website to buy your products or services.

Admins can belong to many organizations, and each organization can have multiple workspaces.

The data is stored at the workspace level.

It’s a good practice to create a workspace per environment: test & production