Rimdian has been designed to be as much resilient and scalable as possible, and provides the following guarantees:

  • Data durability: Thanks to the Queue, the data will be retried if a failure occurs.
  • Data consistency: A database lock is acquired at the user-level for each data point (session, pageview, order…), ensuring that the data is not duplicated in case of concurrent processing.
  • Idempotency: All data points can be processed multiple times, out-of-order, without any side effect.
  • Scalability: The data Collector, Queue, API Servers & Database nodes can be scaled horizontally to handle more load.
  • Stability: The Queue will automatically slow down the data ingestion if the API Servers are not able to keep up with the load.

Data pipeline

There is only one entry point to the data pipeline: the Collector.

All data sources (your website, apps, API…) are sending data to the Collector, that pushes it to the Queue, that dispatches it to the API Servers for processing.

The API Server does the following for every data point:


Persist the data

The raw data is saved in the Database to avoid any loss.


Enrich or reject the data

Apps who “subscribe” to the on_validation hook are called to enrich or reject the data (e.g: IP-to-location, IP filtering…).


Validate the data

The payload is validated against the Rimdian tables schemas & apps schemas.


Acquire a lock

A lock is acquired on the data at the user-level, to ensure consistency. If the lock cannot be acquired, the data will be retried few secs later.


Reconciliate the user identity

The user identity is reconciliated to maintain a single view of the user.


Reattribute conversions

Conversions are reattributed to the right marketing campaigns for order & sessions events.


Recompute user segments

User segments are recomputed to keep them up-to-date.


Trigger workflows

Marketing automation workflows who “subscribe” to the data point are triggered (e.g. sending an email when a new order is created).


Forward the data

Apps who “subscribe” to the on_success hook are called for further processing (e.g. sending the data to a CRM).

Data consistency

Tracking web events is challenging. It’s very common that web browsers send the same events multiple times, or out-of-order, or that the network is down.

Users also often close the browser before events are sent.

To handle these cases, Rimdian has been designed to be idempotent & consistent, which implies that the data points sent to the Collector should contain all the contextual information needed to heal the dataset.

In the following example of a web pageview hit sent to the Collector by the JavaScript SDK, the user, device and session objects are attached to the pageview, to make sure we can heal the dataset if they went missing.

  "id": "2d70d3d7-cb38-4fe9-bd88-e18813c09edd",
  "workspace_id": "acme_test",
  "items": [
      "kind": "pageview",
      "pageview": {
        "external_id": "928a9a39-cf9c-4a10-908f-5f8c62539fda",
        "created_at": "2024-02-22T09:12:02.361Z",
        "title": "Page title | Your Website",
        "page_id": "https://www.your-website.com/landing-page",
        "duration": 5,
        "updated_at": "2024-02-22T09:12:11.282Z"
      "user": {
        "external_id": "d1bf792a-8fb3-4082-a546-e8c7f57a92f6",
        "is_authenticated": false,
        "created_at": "2024-01-11T14:47:51.786Z",
        "last_interaction_at": "2024-02-22T09:12:02.361Z",
        "consent_all": true
      "session": {
        "external_id": "72957bf5-21c7-459b-ba0a-50e7afae5ca2",
        "created_at": "2024-02-22T09:12:02.361Z",
        "device_external_id": "1aaac360-10f1-46c4-b3dd-ed9ebde45ee4",
        "landing_page": "https://www.your-website.com/landing-page",
        "timezone": "Europe/Paris",
        "utm_source": "direct",
        "utm_medium": "none",
        "duration": 5,
        "pageviews_count": 1,
        "interactions_count": 1,
        "updated_at": "2024-02-22T09:12:11.282Z"
      "device": {
        "external_id": "1aaac360-10f1-46c4-b3dd-ed9ebde45ee4",
        "created_at": "2024-01-11T14:47:51.786Z",
        "user_agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.15; rv:122.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/122.0",
        "updated_at": "2024-02-22T09:12:11.909Z",
        "language": "fr-FR",
        "ad_blocker": false,
        "resolution": "1728x1117"
    ... // Other items

  "context": { "data_sent_at": "2024-02-22T09:12:11.910Z" },
  "created_at": "2024-02-22T09:12:11.910Z"