Every user is unique, and the same marketing message won’t resonate with everyone. User segmentation is the process of dividing your users into groups based on shared characteristics, such as demographics, behavior, or preferences. This allows you to tailor your marketing efforts to each group, increasing the likelihood of a positive response.


User segments are computed in real-time, for each incoming data point.

When segments are created or updated, a background task is triggered to recompute the segments for all existing users.

You can build segments based on any user attribute (country, gender…), activity (cart, order, custom event…) or computed metrics (average cart, orders count…).

An event is emitted every time a user enters or leaves a segment. Apps & workflows can subscribe to it to trigger actions, such as sending an email.

Rimdian segmentation engine

Segmentation engine


Thanks to the distributed computing power of SingleStoreDB, the background task that recomputes the segments can process millions of users in few seconds.

Data scientists can check the SQL generated by the engine to understand how the segments are computed.

Rimdian segmentation engine SQL

Preview of SQL generated by the engine